Match Play Competitions

How to Enter

An entry sheet will be put up on the notice board inside the Clubhouse .

Write your name and handicap on the sheet for the competition(s) you wish to enter.

Put your name, the competition and your entry fee in an envelope and put behind the bar in the box marked Match Play Entry.

The entry fee for this season 2024 TBC.

Please note that there will be a closing date and entries will not be accepted after this date.  

Entry deadline will be clearly marked on the entry sheet.

Once the entry has closed, a draw will be made and the competition sheets will be displayed on the notice board with opponents and dates for ties to be played.

Match Play

Terms of the Competition

Handicap                  Full Handicap Allowance. Low handicap player subtracts handicap from high handicap player and high handicap player receives the remaining number of strokes to be taken according to the Stroke Index on the scorecard

Challenger               The challenger in any tie will be the top player in the draw.  A challenge book is available in the event of difficulty in arranging tie dates.  It is of benefit to the smooth running of a competition for players to put a contact number/e-mail address on the competition sheet at their name.

Tied Matches           In the event of a tie finishing all square after 18 holes, the match will be extended one hole at a time until there is a winner. In handicap competitions, strokes are given by hole as in the round just played. An extended match is a continuation of the same round, not a new round.

Result                       It is the responsibility of the winner of a tie to put their name forward on the competition sheet to the next round of the competition immediately after the conclusion of the tie.

In the event of a dispute in a tie, a member of the Committee must be informed as soon as possible after the conclusion of the tie.

It may be wise in view of the new rule changes for every player to carry a copy of the Rules of Golf. Available for free in the Clubhouse.

New online tee booking for visitors. Please click the link on the home page. The course is currently operating under prefered lies. Please see first tee for any instructions.
DIY Series Mon15 April postponed due to course conditions and will now be played on Saturday 20 April