The Committee has decided that the following Terms of the Competition must be followed for all competitions by all players during the season unless otherwise informed.

All players wishing to take part in any Qualifying Competition must enter their name on the Entry Sheet which will be placed in a prominent position in the Clubhouse prior to teeing off.

All players must also deposit their entry fee (£4) in the box adjacent to the entry sheet.

Scorecards will be available at the point of entry or from the notice board outside.

It has been decided by the Committee that any player failing to adhere to the aforementioned protocol may be liable to disqualification from the competition.

Any player who is disqualified and fails to follow the protocol on a second or subsequent occasion will have their playing rights and handicap suspended  for a period of time decided upon by the Committee.

Any player having their playing rights or handicap suspended will be informed of the Committee’s decision within 7 days of the incident.

All players have the right to appeal the Committee’s decision.  

All members should have a code for the key safe to allow access to the Clubhouse.

If you do not have this code, please ask any member to supply you with it.